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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and was amazing going around the studio and finally hearing which was eye-opening. >> looks like he will be a future cameraman. >> jamie: so great to tell that story. good to see you. ♪ >> eric: starting a new hour with a fox news alert. edward snowden reportedly on the run. where will he end up and will that final destination put him beyond the reach of american law forever? you are looking at the airport in moscow. that is where a plane carrying snowden about an hour or so ago. it's about 7:00 p.m. and flight arriving from hong kong where he was allowed to leave legally from hong kong on this flight earlier this morning. good morning, this is brand-new hour of america news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby.
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30-year-old is charged with stealing government secrets and charged with espionage. they say he was allowed to leave hong kong for russia after they refused an extradition from the u.s. saying the country didn't comply with their laws. final destination is still up in the air. steve centanni with what we know at this point. >> reporter: watching and waiting at moscow airport for a possible glimpse that flew are there from hong kong. an airline official confirms that he was on the plane and he intended to fly on cuba and from there to venezuela. head of the nsa that once employed him had this comment today. >> it's clearly an individual who has betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him. this is an individual who is not act weigh noble intent. this is an individual with
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top secret clearance whose duty it was to administer these networks and he stole some of our secrets. >> reporter: there are strong opinions about snowden and about the nsa spying that he uncovered. >> i've been a critic of this collection for years. i have offered amendments on the floor. i believe it should be restricted. i don't think that currently it is serving our nation because it goes way too far. >> reporter: allowing snowden to land in russia, one prominent senator said he is not surprised. >> the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways and putin is always eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> confirming that he left hong kong after the u.s. requested that he come here to the u.s. for trial.
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a statement says in part will continue to discuss this matter with hong kong and pursue relevant law enforcement cooperation with other countries where mr. snowden may be attempting to travel. we're keeping an eye on this. >> jamie: every angle of the story. thank you so much. >> eric: in the old days, they fled to moscow. in the season and and ponds of cuba. now could venezuela join the list with reports that he may end up there, if so can the united states ever get him back? rick grenell a former spokesman for the last four united states ambassadors to the united nations. where do you think he is going and what do you think will happen? >> who knows. the u.s. government better get on this. i've never seen countries willfully ignore the united states requests that is
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going on now. if you read the statement out of hong kong, it's really unbelievable. here we have china, russia and others just completely ignoring what the u.s. government is doing. the conclusion is the u.s. government must not be doing enough. obama has to use every tool, trade, economic, diplomatic, everything available to us to get him home. it doesn't look like either the obama administration is making this priority or certainly russia, china and others are just ignoring it. >> eric: obviously the nsa director tom donilon he expected hong kong would abide by the treaty and turn him over to us. >> hong kong says that we didn't have the right paperwork. we didn't do legally what was required. i don't think this is a priority. let's also talk about the enablers here which is the "new york times" and
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mainstream media in washington. we have a story, a profile piece this morning on john kerry. michael gordon the "new york times" reporter doesn't mention the word china. it's a puff piece how great john kerry is doing but we don't mention snowden or china. here hong kong is holding snowden and john jury doing everything deliberating kli right. >> eric: what do you want him to do. he has a photo of obama and putin together. he may now be in moscow. russian authorities knew about that and now going to cuba. >> this is what they have to do. they have to use er tool available. you have to make it clear to the chinese and russians, this is not just a diplomatic request. this is economic request. this is trade request. this is one of the most
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serious cases of a leaker that we have seen. if the obama administration cannot deal with this at a very top level and make sure this is a priority and that every single government knows that we're going to make this priority and going to get the paperwork right, we're going to encourage other people to leak and have this left wing viewpoint of intelligence gathering for the rest of our existence. >> eric: finally, china and hong kong did not listen, russia did not listen. what does this mean for the political fit of our country in how the nations interact with each other diplomatically? >> it means that the obama's administration nse need to get the paperwork right. if we can't get that right, how do you think our friends are viewing this as a priority. where is president obama?
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he needs to speak very clearly to these countries and say, this is our number one priority. get him back here. >> eric: all right. i guess if he gets to venezuela he'll never come back and reports he? moscow as we follow his flight path. good to see you. thank you. >> jamie: another big story that has not gone away. have we made any progress. new concerns over the obama's administration initial commitment to getting to the bottom of irs scandal. it's been more than five weeks since the president vowed to find out who was behind the targeting of conservative groups. f.b.i. investigators haven't spoken to any of the victims. let's bring in our political panel. ford oh comp and chris kathena former chief of staff for john manchin. gentlemen, good morning.
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>> they are wondering who was targeting. how high did it go up and will we ever know for sure? >> all the evidence to this point suggests that there were obviously agents in cincinnati, other officials in washington that were involved in terms of suggestions that this was directed by the white house, there is no evidence to suggest that. i do think we'll find out. an investigation like this tend to be slow and laborious. it's not at nice thing but i think it's the unfortunate reality how washington works. at the end of the day there are too many interests involved and too political as it already had s trying to get to the truth of what really happened. >> jamie: one thing you are
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saying to us, chris, is there was any vosm in the white house. ford, this is a big stunning to people that hear it. the number of visits that the director and chief of staff visited the white house according to white house logs, some 300 more times. he is the chief judge and advises the irs. does he have a duty to be at the white house and what was he doing there? >> that is key question. to say there is no evidence is absolutely ridiculous it appears that the f.b.i. doesn't have any interest to get to the bottom of this. and congressional democrats don't want to get to the bottom of this and we know that the white house certainly doesn't want to pin the tail on himself. it's completely outrageous and people should be more concerned. how can we trust the irs to effectively implement obamacare and comprehensive immigration reform if we can't trust them to collect taxes based on our political beliefs?
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this is not about republicans and democrats. this is culture of intimidation and my question, i don't think we're going to get to the bottom of this because the white house wants it to go away. >> jamie: congressman cummings says the investigation is over and done with. let's move on. can you justify that? >> no. this is not over. let's be honest, chairman issa who is no friend of the administration has been investigating this thing for weeks. if there was any indication or any evidence that this went close to the white house, does anyone think it would be out already? it doesn't mean you stop the investigation, clearly there is going to mean more hearings and testimony. we know that is coming. everyone i think should take a deep breath before they started throwing around political footballs and trying to make this more than it is. let's get to the post-it and those that did something wrong should be held accountable. i'm not sure the administration or democrats
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want anything different. >> jamie: is there there more pressure to get to the bottom of this because the irs will be tasked something so intricate association many people have questions about obamacare and implementation. shouldn't have this been straightened out already, or are you okay the way the investigation is going? will we get answers? >> i'm not happy with the investigation is going. if the haven't talked to the victims, that is a big issue. this is beyond partisan politics. this is about the irs and can government effectively work. can we have trust and transparency in our leaders to effectively execute their duties. that is really the big question. if americans can't trust their government, i don't understand how we are going to function and let 11 million people here xriafd on comprehensive immigration reform or have this massive intrusion called obamacare. this is about trust and transparency. and your question before, 300 visits to the white
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house, i promise they were not talking about president obama ncaa brackets, they were disaster. >> jamie: stay on it. we wanted to hear what happens, keep us posted. >> eric: from hong kong to moscow to damascus. the plane reportedly a little while ago. this is the administration now says his leaks were quote carefully planned. we'll have the latest coming up are. the f.b.i. ended the search for jimmy hoffa. coming up we'll show you this, what we found in a detroit house that some say solves the case. only suspect who claimed he was involved, what he said, what it means. new significance we'll explain. also new calls to reopen the investigation into the
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♪ >> eric: it is the enduring
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american mystery. now, the f.b.i. gave up the latest search for jimmy hoffa. should they keep trying? they were looking at n a michigan field for him. he vanished from a parking lot in july 30th, 1975. it is believed that hoffa was murdered by the mob. investigators were acting on a tip from a reputed under world boss that insisted that hoffa was buried there. where and who did it? the only official to speak publicly admit he was involved told me he shot him in the back of head in a house. they took the fifth when he appeared detroit grand jury with other suspects. take a look where he first admitted to the first
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former lawyer and charles brant and then me he shot him point blank when he walked in the front door. along with ed barnes we took up the tile to see what blood evidence we could find. investigators sprayed luminol and look what we found. apparent blood pattern that fits the story precisely. the greatest amount where his head would have hit the floor. then we saw seven drops where they said the body was dragged out by the back by two accomplices. f.b.i. did get a tune bit of dna from samples. one was inconclusive and another was another man. author of a book, and reporter formally with the
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detroit press. david let me start with you. david, we were you surprised the latest search did not turn up anything? >> no, not at all. the problem with zirelli he wasn't around. anthony zirelli wasn't around when this all happened. i had some problems with him at the beginning, first of all he was detroit mobster which causes serious credibility problems. this really was a media circus that he contributed to because he admitted he was broke and he was using this basically to make money. he was selling autographed photos online of himself and downloads of his book, hoffa found. >> eric: what about sharon? >> sharon likely was there. likely was there when it happened. what we have had s his word for it but we don't have
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proof beyond that. we don't have proof positive. >> eric: we have what we discovered was apparent blood pattern on the floor. do you think there is proof? >> i think when you have the leading suspect in the hoffa disappearance give a credible confession that the end of proof. as a former prosecutor and chief deputy attorney general would you kill for a case like that. yeah, there are other things that come along that corroborate him and most particularly for me when he admitted to killing another person. the thinking on gallon oh and uncovered an eyewitness that sue him. >> eric: for those joey gallon oh was shot in italy.
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>> could you say. >> why do you think is important in light of from a frank sharon told you in what happened in that house? >> what you found fits what happened in that house if you accept that sharon pointed to that house and said that is the house in which i killed hoffa. the only reason we know about that house is because of his confession. he and i drove to detroit and found the house and you went in and found a trail of blood in that house. it certain will i corroborative of his con investigation. >> eric: this latest case. david you have been through a lot of them through the years. they think current president believes that sharon would have gotten in the car at the restaurant maybe not with the other suspects. should the f.b.i. keep
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searching or can they close the case? >> they don't have any choice. as long as credible tips they have to keep searching but somebody phones a tip and they go out and dig things up and it turns out to be hoffa. >> eric: do you think he'll ever be found? >> i don't think he'll ever be found. i think his body was taken to a mob owned incinerator, garbage facility in michigan which is inside the city of detroit and they disposed of him as the f.b.i. theorized they disposed of ten other people over the years. >> eric: it's captures american's imagination so much. why do you think? >> it's like john kennedy. we have the official version of what we think happened to kennedy but we really don't know if somebody was shooting from
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the grass si knoll and we may never know. until we get conclusive evidence we'll never be able to solve the mystery. >> eric: you were his lawyer, conclusive evidence? >> in my book, the mind of a murderer, how he became a murderer and in his later years he felt remorse and decided confess. raised a strict baptist and was very sorry. anyone who watches him on tv as you are doing now would know. that anyone would ho reads my book would know. that that is why my book continues to be the place where people go to get the answer to what happened to jimmy hoffa. >> the body was cremated at crematorium that was connected to the detroit
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outfit and that was nasco's funeral parlor. >> eric: that was the claim. we were not able to confirm when we in detroit in 2004 but frank was told he was cremated. david, charlie, you are right, maybe he'll never be found. hoffa family could get some peace. always good to see you. thank you for joining us. what may be the next time. thank you. >> jamie: thank you so much. and we are tracking some of the latest developments out of colorado. they are battling three wildfires that were sparked by lightning all continuing to rage out of control. it's prompted widespread evacuations and threatening hundreds of homes. we are going to cover that for you coming up. plus the taliban now telling the u.s. why don't we talk? offering to exchange five guantanamo inmate forces the only known u.s. prisoner of war. his parents would really
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like that. coming up we'll speak with major general bob scales about the implications of negotiating with the taliban. should we talk to the enemy? what would it mean for this pow and the country. ♪ ♪ everything pops with pringles stix. [ crunch ] since i've been using crest pro-health, i've noticed a huge improvement. [ male announcer ] go pro for a clean that's up to four times better, try these crest pro-health products together. the toothpaste is really awesome. it cleans a lot.
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♪ >> eric: fox news alert. we have no public sign of edward snowden yet. you are looking at the moscow airport where the plane believed to have been carrying him landed earlier this morning from hong kong. there were reports that snowden may be on his way from hong kong to moscow and then moscow to cuba and try to seek sigh aluminum in venezuela or potentially ecuador. there is another report from this morning passenger aboard that flight. snowden was whisked away directly from the plane by
8:30 am
authorities. we don't know all the exact details. he has not been seen publicly but apparently on his way, no matter where he goes the u.s. has responded it will try to extradite him from any country in which he ends up and seek asylum in that country. we'll keep you posted as he is apparently making this around the globe trip. >> jamie: secretary of state john kerr have i calling for peace talks with the taliban. he wants them back on track after delays from the diplomatic dispute with the afghan government, hamid karzai. taliban is offering to free the only known american prisoner of war in exchange for five operatives that are currently being held at guantanamo bay. critics of are condemning the proposed talks asking why america is sitting down with a group responsible for so much glad shed. just this month -- so much bloodshed.
8:31 am
>> the taliban beheaded two young boys on charges they were spying with the police. the boys were actually scavaging for food in bins near police headquarters. you may remember the shooting of malawa, taliban nearly killing her. all she wanted to do was go to school. she was promoting education for girls and shot in the head. also 17 people that went to the coed party where there was music and dancing and they don't like that. joining us is bob scales, retired general, great to see you as always. thanks for coming in. we know that taliban is capable of unspeakable violence and crime. would sitting down with them as now secretary of state kerry really accomplished anything? >> this is kind of hope over history. hope is not a method and
8:32 am
hope is not a strategy. as you said, taliban has a history of brutality that is unspeakable in the world. we have a history of negotiating with them for the past ten years. as did the soviets as they headed to the door back in 1989. we see how well that went. there is this group inside the state department that suggests that there is a game changer here. it's possible to separate the radical taliban from the peacemakers. it may be possible to change the game. sadly as now the only real game changer is the fact that we're leaving and we'll be out soon. the worst time to strike a deal is with you are headed for the exits. >> do we even know where all these fragments groups of the taliban are? how can we sit down with a group that is truly responsible for running things? >> yeah, that is a great
8:33 am
question. the answer is frankly, nobody really knows. we've been studying the taliban for what, more than a decade. not only that but it shifts. there are elements of the taliban that are just local farmers who want to protect their crops. there are elements i affiliated with the taliban that has family feuds that lifelong grudges where the opposition may very well be in the military. then from the hard-core international taliban who seeks to do mischief inside afghanistan but globally. it's extremely difficult to sort out who should we talk to and who within the taliban are part of this, quote, peace clique. i don't think anybody has seen that. >> jamie: we have seen a 27-year-old army sergeant, parents got first letter this month after four years in captivity. is it reasonable for the
8:34 am
u.s. to even discuss the exchange of prisoners at guantanamo bay for him to be able to come home? >> gosh, i think the state department and the military should do anything, everything to get this soldier back. i think my sources tell mimi that problem nobody is really sure right now who has him. he has been like a trophy that has been handed off to one taliban group to another. time in pakistan, time in afghanistan, going from safe house to safe house. its extremely difficult to bargain with a group that may or may not have him. >> jamie: methodology is move the prisoners around. president karzai, friend or foe, hinderance or help?
8:35 am
>> all of the above. $64,000 question, after we pull out, will karzai have the graf as the and command presence -- gravitasse to take on the them when we're not there. will the army will be able to generate the power to beat these guys. >> jamie: they continue to train afghan soldiers every single day. thank you so much. we'll see you soon. let's take a look behind the news, beyond it. here is some commentary. >> gay pride week, time for a rainbow of festivities and annual parade celebrating the stone wall and riots in greenwich village. that was 44 years a ago. it gave birth to gay liberation. despite this visceral
8:36 am
awakening it would be years until the mainstream media regularly covered news of the homosexual world. not until 1980s until aids did straight media open to coverage of gay life. for working journalists this meant a shifted in broadcasting and print. today as social policy news seems to triumph over matters of war and starvation, gay news is everywhere. most obvious example is the "new york times" which doesn't want an edition go by without defending gay causes. lobbying for press coverage is a time honored practice by virtually all political groups. however, gay matters covers it with to expense of any criticism of gay issues is rare and subject to loud censure. the love that not dare speak its name has the
8:37 am
biggest megaphone in the public square. if you need proof of the media obsession surfaced by a study by pew research center. supreme court was gearing up to hearing arguments on same-sex marriage. they surveyed news articles and tv stories. the findings didn't surprise the few who were paying attention or the ones that were too timid to voice any disapproval. by a margin of 5 to 1, media coverage supported the legalization of same-sex marriage. that is 47%, a cheering squad. stories judged neutral, 44% and those opposed a mere 9%. you may wonder which came first, the public opinion or the coverage. did reporters and writers submit to pressure from the well funded and trendy gay
8:38 am
lobby? or did they take up the issue first and lead a charge? the momentum for gay marriage has emerged in several polls and there are those evolved politicians who couldn't get on the bandwagon fast enough. either way, honest supporting is more a quaint habit of another day. most viewers and readers really don't need this to convince them that the media has gone into the tank on gay issues, not when a celebrity morning host refers to those opposing same-sex marriage expressing an emotional opinion. or when a gay anchorman indulges rooting for selection identity by selection of stories. >> the proverbial presh air came rushing in when the times media critic acknowledged what the survey had found. quote the study to conservative charges that the nation's news media
8:39 am
this championed the issue of same-sex marriage at the expense of objectivity. i would add while conservatives may like the credit, they are not alone in concluding what a journalism student knows. keep your opinions out of story. same-sex marriage or don't ask, don't tell or gays and the boy scouts or gay adoption, one has to salute the clever strategy of homosexual activists who insists this is about civil rights. they stick to that argument, flawed as it may be, and pro family forces, it's a matter of morality. society very fabric and why, indeed, when government should define marriage when god has done it. these days such opinions can get you in a lot of trouble. >> eric: after an
8:40 am
investigation, government said it was like the a spark took down flight twa 800. take a look. this is actually boeing 747 that did take off on july 17th, 1996. hundreds of witnesses say they saw a missile take that plane down. official reaction and are we safer when we fly now? at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>>. >> eric: new calls to reopen the investigation of flight twa 800. some claim there is government cover-up. a missile may have downed the plane and a lot of people thought they saw that. f.b.i. repeatedly denied the charges and investigators have long
8:45 am
said the cause is an explosion in the center str fuel tank caused by some spark. frank wolf is calling the ntsb is saying, quote too many questions have been raised for the issue to be revisited. joining us is former managing director of the national safety board that worked on the flight investigation from the very beginning. good morning, thank you for joining us. do you think this investigation by the ntsb should be reopened? >> i think the n.t.s.b. will look at this request as they do all requests, but the answer is no. from what i've seen and what i've heard, i looked into the press conferences, there is simply in their requests. i'm frankly disappointed in congressman wolf to shall for issuing a press release first without discussing the facts with either the
8:46 am
ntsb or anyone else who was involved in the investigation. >> eric: this documentary that came out, six former investigators, senior people who worked on the case. they had one of top twa investigators. they are talking about serious men with experience claiming that there is evidence there may be some type of external debt nation outside the plane. are they on to something or are they misguided? >> they are not senior investigators. i have not frank hughes for his entire career he was a highway investigator that was sent in the second wave of workers. let me answer your question. what they are doing is simply cherry picking random facts. for instance, china lake research lab, country's foremost experts on
8:47 am
shoulder powered handheld missiles to look at whether any of these theories were possible. they sent back a report. it's in the public record. absolutely not. so they cherry picked certain information. they try to connect dots that don't connect to serve a purpose a conclusion they already reached. there is nothing in their documentary that raises any concerns that can't be answered. >> eric: let's take a look at the center fuel tank. i went inside one. i have video of that. i went to tourt dessert and climbed up into a center fuel tank of a 747 and this thing was like a battleship. it's huge. you stand inside. i have to tell you, honestly, i walked inside this thing. it's like a room. look at it. i couldn't believe this thing could blow up by itself. a little spark could be
8:48 am
sparked by fumes could detonate a whole 747? >> i've been inside the center feel tank, as well. it wasn't a little spark. it was a transference of energy in a the fuel tank that had been heated for about two hours. some of the temperatures inside that tank were 150 degrees. the flammability level of jet fuel fumes is about 128 degrees-130 degrees. we replicated that explosion. it not only could happen but it did happen. >> eric: are we safer now that that we fly. look at the dreamliner, we have batteries on fire? >> i think we're in a very safe period of aviation these planes are better than ever. i would point out one last thing. the first pieces in an accident investigation are always the most important. one of the things that
8:49 am
these guys don't explain is why the very first pieces off of this explosion were from the internal parts of the center wing tank. that gave us the evidence that that is where the event started. >> eric: there is the radar tracking of the flight itself right there. folks, go on the public record and look at the n.t.s.b. site and check for yourself. thank for at least telling we are safer now. thanks, eric. [ female announcer ] your smile.
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♪ ♪ >> jamie: making plans for vacation? here is news you will need. many hotels are changing the way they do business. since the recession
8:54 am
customers are spending less money on amenities so hotels are no frills approach to boost their bottom line. when l you save. julie banderas. >> i don't go anywhere. gone are the $40 hamburgers and breakfast in bed. more hotels are cutting back on the luxury of room service. consumers unwilling to spend beyond the cost of a room has opened to the door to what they called limited service or select service hotels. a trend expanding through the throughout the next five years. hilton in new york city's largest hotel has gone one step forward. due to declining room service they won't offer it to the nearly 2,000 rooms starting in august. while the hospitality industry has rebounded and people are traveling, experts say budgets are still tight.
8:55 am
>> the budgets are still constrained and keep from spending. they have to pay for room and not be able to get some of the other services. >> a recent survey asked what people most wished would be standard with their stay. 66% asked free wi-fi and 2% said room service was must when choosing hotel for leisure travel. >> service is still an important aspect of travel but it's really what kind of service. i think travelers are looking for a little more customized and personalized and they like the idea of on demand. >> people want more for less such as high end coffee makers, free water bottles, free breakfast but like the airline industry, adopting a no frills policy is keeping up with the times. >> jamie: ten bucks, ten bucks, ten bucks. thanks so much. >> eric: edward snowden
8:56 am
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>> jamie: follow us on twitter. have a great day everybody, take care. >> one individual who is not acting in my opinion with noble intent, what snowden has revealed has caused irreversible and significant damage to our country and to our allies. >> national security agency keith alacks ander of betraying the trust of the united states. as the office of director of national inintelligence says more leaks are anticipated. edward snowden is believed to have landed in moscow a short time ago. where he might go is up for debate. let's go to steve for the latest. >> reporter: apparently on move but we


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